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Ancients - Home - A small village lives in a hidden region of the Southwest United States, isolated from influences of the rest of the world.  Protected until one day, by accident, they received a visitor that could destroy their culture.  They could not let him leave, but he could not stay.

Ancients - Homecoming - Robert and his friends have escaped from their underground city and are beginning their journey in the world they never knew.  Follow them as they learn about our world, and how they are called upon to help the city they left. 

This is the second in a series of three books.  If you have not read the first book, I direct you to Ancients Home.

Ancients - Salvation - Robert and his friends have saved their underground city and culture from destruction, but danger still lies ahead.  Follow them as they help to save mankind from destruction.

This is the third in a series of three books.  If you have not read the first book, I direct you to Ancients Home or the second book, Ancients Homecoming.

Julia AI - Home - Five old friends find themselves involved in an adventure involving a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Computer system controlling peoples lives, and political conspiracies to gain power and money.

I hope you enjoy this adventure

Julia - End of Days - In a world where man caused climate change creates an opportunity for a group of power hungry individuals to try to gain power by eliminating the cause.  Lance and Gwen get caught up in the conspiracy and use their personal strengths and power of Julia to try to save mankind.

I hope you enjoy this adventure

Roomer - An older actuary analyst discovers a crime and, with the help of his new boarder, they work to solve the mystery.  Little did they know where their adventure would lead, but they always believed that things generally work out for the best.  Hopefully they are right.

The Scrapbook - A young couple moves into a 150 year-old house that comes with a long history – and a secret. The previous owner died a suspicious death and the new occupants are intent on solving the mystery. They are helped by a scrapbook kept by the family that owned the house since the time the house was built. Will they learn the truth? Will they learn the secret of the Goodrich house?

Nefertiti’s Scarab - Queen Nefertiti is perhaps on of the most recognized names from ancient Egypt.  She was the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten and served as the mentor and guardian mother of King Tutankhamun.  She even served as Pharaoh.  Yet, her tomb has never been found.  Her treasures remain hidden – all but one.

In 1912 a young archeologist exploring a site along the Nile River discovers one of two treasures that belonged to the Queen.  It was a Heart-Stone made for the Queen of gold and jade.

A small museum in New York City was proud to house the jewel as the center of their Egyptian exhibit – until it was stolen.

Detective Ken Stafford is charged with the task of discovering who stole the treasure and recover it.  It leads him through a world of thieves and art collectors in his quest.